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Wiek dojrzewania - Adolescence

I think that the most important period of our life is adolescence. This is the time when we have got a lot of problems and we feel a little lost in this sophisticated world. At that time we start to think about our future and we learn to form opinions for ourselves. Undoubtedly adolescence means problems at school as well as at home. We want freedom, love, friendship and understanding but unfortunately we do not always get them. The confrontation with the reality is really difficult for some of us. When we are young, our parents take care of us. They protect us from violence and evil. Later on, at the age of adolescence everything gets complicated. Then it turns out that we have our own opinions, we know what we want, we are different. Sometimes we go against the grain with our parents and do things they do not accept. We gradually grow up, we begin to do plenty of things on our own and that is one of the advantages. Why? Because thanks to this we become more independent, and that way we face a lot of problems on our own. This is a period of never-ending quarrels with our parents. We think of them as unbearable when they do not let us wear just what we want to or to go out and return late. So, is adolescence really so great? Not so much when we look at it from a different point of view as we must start thinking of our future and decide what we want to do and try to achieve that by hard work. What are we like? What are the teenagers of our generation like? There is a wide variety of ways of life followed by young people. Some of us drink, smoke, take drugs, while others try to be ambitious and hard-working.

Going through adolescence seems to be a difficult experience. Then we are scared of failing our exam, or desperate when our girlfriend leaves us. We come across many problems that seem totally unsolvable to us. That is why some people resolve on taking drugs or even try to commit suicide. They are too weak to face the world as it is. When you grow up you need to earn your living yourself, and to start your own family. It is not as easy as it is cracked up to be. Adult life is difficult too, and you need to prepare yourself well for it. If not, you will be disappointed. In conclusion, adolescence is a time when all of the sudden you come to realize all the problems of the world. You have to struggle to forge your personality and that is anything but easy. Yet we should not forget one thing: in all the galaxies there is perhaps only one place where there is life alive. And we have got one thing that has occurred to us: we were born and we are.
[Arkadiusz Szymczak]

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