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Twoja wizja XXI wieku - Your vision of the 21st century

I think the next century will be an era of computers, high technology and progress in every possible area of life. Social relations will be influenced by the use of computers and the Internet. People will spend more time in front of their computer rather than with their family or friends.

As far as pollution is concerned, I think it will be one of the biggest problems we will have to face. If there is no serious change of attitudes, our planet will soon become a garbage heap. And that is why we must protect our planet before it is too late.

Speaking about inventions I think scientists will invent a car that will go on solar energy.

In order to connect all the continents under water channels will be built. Enormous sky-scrapers will be constructed on both land and at sea to provide homes for a growing world's population.

In the new millennium we will be able to travel to the outer space. We will spend our weekends on the Moon or maybe we will even live there.

And we? Will we change? I think we will live in a hurry. We will be interested in making a career, and we will forget about our families. It is hard to say if we will be happy in the new millennium. I think that everything depends on us, on what we will expect from life, on our attitudes towards other people. I hope that we will avoid making wars in the 21st century because we have experienced so many conflicts in the last century.

In conclusion I would like to say that our future depends on us. It is ourselves who will create it and our actions will influence the world in the years to come.

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