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Twoja opinia na temat agresji i przemocy w massmediach - Your Opinion on Aggression and Violence in the Mass Media

Examples of aggression and violence often appear in the mass media. Aggression presented in serials and films becomes a real social problem. The mass media, modern life-style, a changing character of social relations all cause the growth of violence. The presence of brutality and aggression has a bad influence on the public. The young, whose outlook has not been shaped yet, adopt models seen on TV. Children influenced by their TV heroes from are able to beat or even kill their peers. Besides, growing juvenile delinquency is the result of a sometimes difficult social situation as well as children's being exposed to the media. Sometimes young people want to impress their peers, be accepted by others or show that they can do what they want to. The mass media often help them in this by presenting adventures of such heroes as, for example, Rambo. But not only television is to blame. Dysfunction of homes, decay of fundamental values, and a departure from positive models are responsible for growing violence as well. People should be aware that evil is able to affect our minds much easier than examples of goodness. The mass media know about it very well. Pictures of aggression, perversion and violence give an easy outlet for bad emotions that are accumulated in us. Unfortunately living under pressure in our frustrated and stressful world results in the fact that such examples of evil no longer act as the ancient catharsis.

In spite of the fact that the mass media have a large influence on us, we can choose what we want to watch, as we are capable of reasoning. But the truth is that such examples of aggression and violence can have a disastrous effect on young people, whose attitudes are still being developed and shaped. In addition, pictures of violence and aggression can create a social agreement for incorrect behaviour.

To sum up, I would like to say that one must be aware of the fact that violence means evil, evil that will invade our planet if one does not do anything to change it.

[Arkadiusz Szymczak]

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