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Najgroźniejsze zagrożenia ekologiczne. Przykłady działań podejmowanych, aby je wyeliminować. - The Most Dangerous Ecological Threats. Examples of Actions Taken to Eliminate Them.

Nowadays we live in beautiful houses, big cities and we do not realize what life looked like thousands of years ago. The Earth was full of animals then, plants and the primitive man lived in communion with nature. Today we live in a garbage heap. That is why we must protect our environment. But how can we achieve this? How can we - ordinary citizens protect our planet? The answer is simple - we should start from ourselves.

Industrial and agricultural activities create serious problems. A lot of factories produce waste which is dumped directly into rivers. Furthermore, smoke from chimneys contaminates the air. In agriculture people overuse fertilizers and pesticides which destroy life in the upper layer of the soil. The exploitation of forests makes species die out and acid rain pollutes water and destroy crops. Another problem we are facing is pollution of the atmosphere. The emission of sulphur and carbon dioxide destroy the ozone layer. Increasing ultraviolet radiation can cause global warming and is bad for our health. It can bring about skin cancer, miscarriages and births of retarded children.

As far as the greenhouse effect is concerned, it can result in melting of ice caps which are very important for ecological balance. Water will flood lots of low lying regions of the globe. As a result of the global warming epidemics of such illnesses as malaria and cholera will break out.

Dramatic predictions are numerous. That is why we should realize the need to protect our environment. We can use atomic energy and hydroenergy instead of electric energy. As for us, students of secondary schools, we can participate in the action called "Clean up the world". We can return cans and bottles to a store or put them into special containers. We can collect newspapers and give them to a recycling centre. As you can see, we can do a lot to save our planet. We want to be healthy and breathe clean air, that is why we must protect the Earth. Then we will be sure we have left the earth clean for the next generations.

A man as a living organism will suffer like the other residents of the planet. But we differ from other species because we can predict the consequences of our activities and this is the only hope that is left for the biosphere.

[Arkadiusz Szymczak]

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