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Moje plany na przyszłość - My plans for the future

At present I am a student at grammar school in Kutno. I often think about my future: what I will do, what my life will be like and whether I will make a career or not Some people do not like thinking about their future, they do not like making plans as they do not want to be disappointed. But it is not the case with me.

My greatest dream is to pass exams to the University of Warsaw where I am going to study applied linguistics. But first of all I must pass my final exam to get the so-called Matura Diploma. By choosing this kind of studies I would like to develop my linguistic potential because I want to study both French-as a first language and English-as a second one. I am sure that a good command of these languages will help me in my professional life especially when Poland becomes a part of European Union. Languages have always been my great passion and studying them was a great pleasure as well. Studying French and English will enable me to learn more about customs, history, literature of the French and the English speaking countries. And as I love foreign languages, I desire to learn other languages like: Italian, Spanish, German, Swedish, and even the more exotic Chinese. Being a polyglot is my greatest dream which, I hope, will come true. After completing my studies I am going to work in the European Union, in Strasbourg, as a simultaneous interpreter and a translator. Personally I would also like to live in France, especially in the Riviera which is one of the most beautiful corners in the world. I would also like to get married, have children, be healthy and live happily according to an Epicurean rule: 'Carpe Diem', that is: 'seize the day'.

[Arkadiusz Szymczak]

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