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Media i ich funkcje - The media and their functions

The media have become a powerful industry in the modern world. Naturally, they fulfil many important functions. First, they bring us closer to all kinds of events and keep us informed on current news, views and opinions. We can learn from them about the political situation in other countries, for example. The media are to educate. We can find interesting educational programmes for children or fascinating films about plants and animals. Numerous magazines offer advice on how to decorate your flat or solve problems with your in-laws. To entertain is yet another function of the media. It is nice to sit in a comfortable chair after a hard day's work and listen to your favourite music or read a relaxing article.

Last but not least, there is the social function. The media enable the public to voice their opinions on subjects such as social matters or politics. People also look to them for support against injustice. It very often happens that serious problems are taken into consideration by the government or the local authority only when highlighted by the press or TV.

[Joanna Nadolska]

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