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Jak muzyka wpływa na młodych ludzi? - How music influences young people?

Young people are interested in the popstars. They listen a lot of music. Has music influence on young people? How does music influence them? Firstly, I think that you listen music which is the reflection of your personality. Simply, tell me what music you listen to and I tell you who you are. What is more, music often influences your style of dressing. Subcultures have their own styles. For example, wearing black clothes and dark make - up is typical for fans of gothic rock. Fans of club music enjoy highly colourful clothes (see what are wearing Love Parade visitors). Baggy clothes are typical for people listening to hip -hop. These examples show that clothes can show one's philosophy of life. Moreover, music influences on emotions. To sum up, music shows a piece of our character, can influence us in a positive or negative way.

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