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Czy rowery powinny zastąpić samochody? - Should bikes replace cars?

In my opinion the idea that bikes should replace cars has got a lot of advantages. The examples of China and Holland prove that it is possible to make a bike a popular means of communication. Bikes can save congested cities. A bike is quicker than a car which got stuck in a traffic jam. It is smaller than a car and easier to manoeuvre unlike its big brother. Apart from that, a bike does not require a lot of parking space. You can park it practically everywhere. It is relatively light and you can carry it when necessary. What is more, it makes no noise. In contrast to cars, bikes do not need fuel and so do not produce poisonous fumes. This is extremely important if we think how polluted our environment is. Riding also helps you stay fit.

There are, however some drawbacks. A poor system of routes for bikes is one thing that discourages potential cyclists. The other is our climate. It is difficult to ride a bike all the year round. We have to travel by car in autumn and winter.

[Joanna Nadolska]

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