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Czemu nastolatki opuszczają swoje domy? - Why do teenagers leave their homes?

Nowadays a growing number of teenagers leave their homes. Why is that? What are the reasons for leaving? To answer the question one has to concentrate on the situation of teenagers.

Let us begin with the problem number one - school. There are students who cannot cope with it. They get bad marks, sometimes play truant and, as a result, do not go to the next class. Having to face up the situation and tell their parents about everything, they try to run away from the problem, and choose to escape from home. However, they do not realize that it is not a good solution at all. Influenced by their peers, they do things they would not normally do. They take to smoking, drugs and stealing.

Another problem of the youth is the generation gap. This is a specific phenomenon that concerns two or more generations and often causes a great many misunderstandings. Young people and their parents differ in many aspects. They have different tastes for music, clothes, and very often different points of view. Sometimes parents want to decide for their children, and the young do not accept it. They quarrel and quarrel, and a time comes when they are fed up with it and run away. The list of other problems of teenagers is endless, but the point is to prevent them from escaping. The real remedy for all problems that is very often to discuss problems. We should be open to each other and talk about everything. If it is not possible with our own parents, we should find someone else we could talk to: it may be our friend, our grandmother or a psychologist. We ought not to avoid doing things that we will regret in the future. Life is very beautiful, although sometimes difficult. We should remember about it and try to understand one another, so as to make our lives easier. Then we will see there is no problem we cannot cope with.

[Arkadiusz Szymczak]

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