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Czemu ludzie zwracają się ku religiom wschodu, astrologii lub dołączają do sekt? - Why do people turn towards eastern religions, astrology or join sects?

A lot of people, especially young feel lost in the modern world. They have no goals in life, do not know how to solve their problems or have difficulties engaging in relationships with their peers or parents. Youngsters are trying to form an outlook on life. Besides, they want to have somebody that supports them and takes care of them. We do not always find such a person and that is why we believe in God, worship him and follow his Ten Commandments. Faith reassures us that there is someone who loves us and thinks of us. The family values are beginning to decline. Young people want to become adults as soon as possible; they want to be economically independent, and because they often fail, they join sects. Some people have a need to be controlled, they want someone to decide for them, to direct them and take responsibility for their lives. The crisis of the family, temporary breakdowns have made them feel lost, they do not know what to do, they do not have any plans for the future. Sects take advantage of this and offer simple, clear-cut answers to complicated questions. They offer understanding, a possibility of self-fulfilment and a new wonderful family. New members of a sect are in a cocoon of love and warmth; they are told that they are good, wise and beautiful. Various gurus, founders of sects offer 'the sense of life' at a cut-price.

Some people believe in fortune-telling or prophecies. They read horoscopes in order to find out what will happen the next day. They look at the sky and they feel we may predict what is going to happen in the future. They think that the lines on the palms of their hands will reveal their future. They look impatiently for the next day to see if it all comes true. Eastern religions such as, for example, Buddhism say that all the suffering of humankind is born within one's own self. The aim is to reach 'the perfect nirvana'. It means release from passions and ensures us happiness.

In conclusion I would like to say that everyone wants to be happy, to have a close friend, someone who will help in difficult situations. If we do not find them, we feel disappointed and frustrated; that is why we become members of sects, devote ourselves to meditation or astrology.

[Arkadiusz Szymczak]

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