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Co wiemy o wampirach? - What do we know about vampires?

Do vampires really exist? It is difficult to say for sure that they are just made up. Many books have been written and films made about vampires. The story of Count Dracula is probably the most popular of them. What do we know about the nature of vampires? You certainly will not meet a vampire during the day. This is when they sleep in their coffins in some secret place. They wake up only after sunset as daylight hurts them. Vampires can fly as well as climb upside down.

You cannot see their reflection in the mirror. At night they look for their prey. They make two small holes in one's neck and drink blood. The victim becomes a vampire. There is some useful information for those who want to scare away vampires. They cannot stand the sight of a cross. They avoid places like churches or chapels. Also garlic will protect you from them. It is said that the stake through the heart is the only way to kill a vampire. As they are immortal they live rather lonely lives. The life of a vampire in not a very happy one.

[Joanna Nadolska]

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