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Tryb warunkowy III - Conditional Type III

Wybierz prawidłową odpowiedź tak, aby utworzyć tryb warunkowy III.

  • 1. Kevin to Italy yesterday if he had got a passport.
  • 2. If Martin on that morning, he could have picked you up.
  • 3. If I earlier, I could have helped you.
  • 4. If she on the day of the party, she would have come.
  • 5. We if we had had this information before the match.
  • 6. Jim if he had tried strong enough.
  • 7. If her cat sick that morning, Jane would have left home earlier.
  • 8. If I it was your birthday last Friday, I would have sent you a card.
  • 9. We would have gone sailing if it last weekend.
  • 10. If you so fast, we wouldn't have got a fine.

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