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Idiomy cz. 6 - Idioms part 6

Wybierz odpowiedzi tak, aby utworzyć poprawne idiomy angielskie.

  • 1. When I first met Laura I couldn't believe she was your sister - you are as different as chalk and .
  • 2. How did you ever manage to get your driving licence? You're as blind as a !
  • 3. A little told me it's your birthday next week, have you made any plans yet?
  • 4. As far as the could see, we were surrounded by swamps.
  • 5. Don't worry, he'll probably turn up at the hour, as usual.
  • 6. I saw this bore Hugh approaching our table so I excused myself and beat a retreat.
  • 7. This apple pie is nice but it can't hold a to the one my granny makes.
  • 8. He refuses to admit that the proposed plans to build an extension on the school were just in the air.
  • 9. We got a little money from the local council but it's just a drop in the .
  • 10. Oh, you look rough, mate, come down to the pub, you need some hair of the .

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