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Idiomy cz. 5 - Idioms part 5

Uzupełnij luki tak, aby utworzyć poprawne idiomy angielskie.

  • 1. Don't you think that by turning down such a good offer just because you won't admit you were wrong you are cutting off your to spite your ?

  • 2. It's only a scratch mom, you are making a out of a , as usual.

  • 3. I don't know why are you so worried, I thought the exam was a of cake.

  • 4. After all that fresh air today, I'm sure I'll sleep like today.

  • 5. The place Mark took me to last night was dreadful, I wouldn't go back there for all the tea in .

  • 6. What's the matter with John? I saw him in the pub last night, he seemed as as a fiddle then.

  • 7. You wanted to tell me your side of the story, so, go on, I'm ear's.

  • 8. We both know what you are going to say so stop beating the and just say it.

  • 9. He seems fairly inconspicuous but apparently he's a big where he comes from.

  • 10. She passed the exam with colours.

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