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Elton John - Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Lion King Soundtrack)

Can you feel the love tonight - czy dziś wieczorem czujesz tę miłość

calm - (adjective) - peaceful and quiet; without hurried movement, worry or noise - cichy, spokojny;
e.g.: After a night of fighting, the streets are now calm.

surrender to - (verb) - If you surrender to an experience or emotion, you stop trying to prevent or control it - poddać się czemuś, ulec;
e.g.: I finally surrendered to temptation, and ate the last remaining chocolate.

rush - (noun) - when you have to hurry or move somewhere quickly - pośpiech, pęd;
e.g.: Slow down! What's the rush?

rush of day - pęd, "gorączka" dnia (gdy jesteśmy bardzo zajęci i w pośpiechu robimy wiele rzeczy jednocześnie)

heat - (noun) - the quality of being hot or warm, or the temperature of something - gorąco, ciepło;
e.g.: She always wore a coat, even in the heat of summer.

roll - (verb) - to (cause to) move somewhere by turning over and over or from side to side - toczyć się, obracać;
e.g.: The dog rolled over onto its back.

rolling world - obracający się, krążący świat

turn away - (phrasal verb) - to move your face so you are not looking at something - odwracać, odwracać się;
e.g.: When they show an operation on TV, I have to turn away.

be turned away - być odwróconym, zwróconym w innym kierunku

enchanted - (adjective) - affected by magic or seeming to be affected by magic - zaczarowany, magiczny;
e.g.: They met in Paris one enchanted afternoon in early autumn.

see through sb/sth - (phrasal verb) - To understand the true character or nature of - przejrzeć coś lub kogoś, "prześwietlić"
e.g.: We saw through his superficial charm

enough - (adverb) - used after an adjective, adverb or verb to mean to the necessary degree - wysarczająco, dosyć, pod dostatkiem;
e.g.: Is there enough cake/Are there enough cakes for everyone?

it's enough - wystarczy;

restless - (adjective) - unwilling or unable to stay still or to be quiet and calm, because you are worried or bored - niespokojny, zniecierpliwiony, niemogący znaleźć sobie miejsca;
e.g.: He's a restless type - he never stays in one country for long.

warrior - (noun) - a soldier, usually one who has both experience and skill in fighting, especially in the past - wojownik, żołnierz;
e.g.: a Samurai warrior
a warrior king/nation

just - (adverb) - only; simply - jedynie, po prostu;
e.g.: It was just a joke.

just to be with you - żeby po prostu być z Tobą

wide - eyed - (adjective) - having your eyes open much wider than usual - z szeroko otwartymi oczami, zazwyczaj ze zdziwienia;
e.g.: At that time, I was still a wide -eyed youngster.

wanderer - (noun) - sb who walks around slowly in a relaxed way or without any clear purpose or direction - wędrowiec, wędrownik;
e.g.: Kathy's always been a bit of a wanderer, she never stays anywhere for too long.

get far/somewhere/anywhere - to make progress or to improve - ulepszać, udoskonalać, robić postęp;
e.g.: She's taking flute lessons, but she really doesn't seem to be getting anywhere with it.
It's been hard settling in, but I feel I'm getting somewhere at last.

be laid to rest - być pochowanym ( w grobie)

vagabond - (noun) - a person who has no home and usually no job, and who travels from place to place - włóczęga, przestarzale - wagabunda
e.g.: They live a vagabond life/existence, travelling around in a caravan.

make believe - to pretend or imagine - udawać (naśladować coś), wyobrażać sobie;
e.g.: Let's make believe (that) we're pirates.

Make-believe - (noun) - believing in things that you want to believe because they are easy or exciting, but which are not real - udawanie, symulacja, wymyślony, urojony;
e.g.: The ideal of a perfectly fair society is just make-believe.[/b]

the very best - (adjective) - najlepszy;

twisting - the act of distorting something so it seems to mean something it was not intended to mean - pokrętny, zmierzający w różnych kierunkach, kręcący;

kaleidoscope - (noun) - 1) a tube like toy that you look through to see different patterns of light made by pieces of coloured glass and mirrors - kalejdoskop;
2) a changing and enjoyable mixture or pattern
e.g.: The street bazaar was a kaleidoscope of colours, smells and sounds.

[b]move - (verb) - to (cause to) change position
- ruszać się, poruszać się;
e.g.: Don't move! Stay right where you are.

in turn - In the proper order or sequence - kolejno, po kolei, z kolei;
e.g.: Each of us collects the mail in turn.

Move us all in turn - kolejno rusza nami wszystkimi;

rhyme - (noun) - a word which has the same last sound as another word - rym;
e.g.: Can you think of a rhyme for 'orange'?

reason - (noun) - the cause of an event or situation or something which provides an excuse or explanation - powód;
e.g.: The reason for the disaster was engine failure, not human error.

wild - (adjective) - describes land that is not used to grow crops and has few people living in it - niecywilizowany, dziki;
e.g.: a wild mountainous region

outdoors - (adverb/ noun) - outside - na świeżym powietrzu, na zewnątrz, zewnątrz;
e.g.: If the weather's good, we'll eat outdoors

wild outdoors - dzikie, niezasiedlone zewnętrze (podwórko);

heart - (noun) - 1) the organ in your chest that sends the blood around your body - serce;
e.g.: Isabel's heart was beating fast with fright.
2) used to refer to a person's character, or the place within a person where their feelings or emotions are considered to come from - dusza;
e.g.: I love you, and I mean it from the bottom of my heart (= very sincerely).

star-crossed - (adjective) - unlucky - nieszczęśliwy, nie mający szczęścia, np. nie mający szczęścia w miłości;
e.g.: star-crossed lovers

voyager - (noun) - a person who goes on a long and sometimes dangerous journey - podróżnik;
e.g.: Those voyagers who first ventured into space certainly showed courage.

beat - (verb) - to (cause to) make a regular movement or sound - bić (tak jak bicie serca)
e.g.: The doctor could feel no pulse beating.

in time - early enough - na czas, w porę;
e.g.: I got home just in time - it's starting to rain.

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