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Rafting - Język angielski - Kulturalnie

The aim of many keen rafters is to get their teeth into a grade five river and the mayhem which inevitably ensues. They offer the thrill of having to dig your paddles deep into plunging rapids in unison with the rest of your team, as the whole group lets out a loud mix of piercing cries and excited whooping, with all the time in the background the sound of the rumbling waters waiting for you downstream. At times like these you are grateful for your life jacket – such a small thing in comparison to the boat you’re in, but
where would you be without it!

The water rears up and slams into you in wave after wave as you rip over the rapids. And then suddenly you’re into the water, spinning, feeling the impact of rocks dashing against your helmet, fighting through the turbulent white flumes to breathe, the great smile on your face. Then, in a flash, you’re paddling through slacker water watching your companions beckoning you, contemplating the most fantastic ducking you’ve ever had and wondering what it would be like to raft Niagara!

Why do more normal people go rafting? The first reason for most people is purely for the thrill. But there is also the added benefit of seeing some very spectacular scenery, in places where the number of tourists is limited. The places to go? Rafting is more popular by the year and if you search the internet a little you can find trips along the river in many parts of the world. In America for example you can go rafting in more than ten different States. There’s the famous Colorado River of course, which, despite its popularity, still offers a great adventure. But you can also go rafting in states where you perhaps hadn’t thought it possible; such as Tennessee or Oregon or Utah. In other countries it’s similar, although the experience is a little wilder in Africa, in countries such as Uganda, or parts of Russia for example. And then of course you have the Holy Grail for people who are serious about rafting, Nepal.

What do you need to go rafting? All you really need to go rafting is a sense of adventure. It offers you the chance to get away from civilization and, apart from the white-knuckle ride of the rapids themselves, it’s a very calming experience. Trips in most parts of the world are run for groups by very professional people, offering all the necessary training and safety equipment. You can go for day trips or attempt longer, more adventurous rides. Hospitality is always well taken care of, lunch is served and drinks offered, along with a plentiful supply of snacks at appropriate moments. As a result such trips are open to people of all ages, and you don’t even have to be able to swim. And of course at the end of your rafting experience, as with many such things nowadays, you can often get a video or DVD of your group’s exploits in the white-water.

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