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Idiomy: użycie cz. 3 - Idioms: Use Part 3

Zapraszamy do zapoznania się z angielskimi idiomami, niezbędnymi w codziennej komunikacji, wraz z ich przykładowym użyciem.

at first sigh - od pierwszego wejrzenia
It was the proverbial love at first sigh.

an arm and a leg - majątek
Be careful with those headphones, they cost me an arm and an leg.

day in day out - dzień w dzień
We've got the same customers here day in day out and we usually know what they are going to order.

bags under one's eyes - wory pod oczami
She's overdoing it a little bit. Have you noticed the bags under her eyes?

pull someone's leg - nabierać kogoś
Does your son really think that it's storks that bring babies or was he pulling my leg.

sleep like a dog - spać jak kamień
After at all that fresh air today, I'm sure I'll sleep like a dog tonight.

the apple of someone's eye - oczko w głowie
I wouldn't criticize Sue in Sir John's presence if I were you. She is an apple of his eye.

blind date - randka w ciemno
My sister's fixed me up on blind date with one of her work colleagues tommorow night.

be in someone's shoes - być na czyimś miejscu
I wouldn't like to be in Darren's shoes when Anna finds out how much money he lost in that poker game.

double Dutch - niezrozumiały bełkot
I strated reading the book you'd lent me but it's all double Dutch to me.

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