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logo angielski słówka
przebrać się
le gorille
al pie de
u podnóża, na dole
dotykać, mieszać

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Slang angielski - Cockney Rhyming Slang: słownik A - F


able and willing - shilling
Adam and Eve - believe
Al Capone - telephone
alligator - later
almond rocks - socks
apple and pears - stairs
aris - arse (derivation: Aris = Aristotle = Bottle = Bottla and Glass = Arse)
aristotle - bottle
army and navy - gravy
artful dodger - lodger
arthur ash - slash
aunt mabel - table
auntie ella - umbrella
ayrton senna - tenner (10 pound note)


babe Ruth - truth
bacon and eggs - legs
bacon rind - mind
bag for life - wife
bangers and mash - cash
barb wired - tired
battle cruiser - boozer (pub)
bees and honey - money
bendy flex - sex
Benny Hills - pills
Big Ben - ten
bird lime - time
bird's nest - chest
biscuits and cheese - knees
bit o'luck - fuck
blackpool tower - shower
Bobby Moore - score
bottle and stopper - copper (policeman)
bottle of sauce - horse
bottle of scotch - watch
bow and arrow - barrow
bow and arrow - sparrow
bowler hat - twat
brass tacks - facts
bread and butter - nutter
bread and honey - money
bricks and mortar - daughter
Brighton pier - queer (gay)
Britney Spears - beers
bromley by bow's - toes
brown bread - dead
bubble and squeak - Greek
bubble bath - laugh
bucket and pail - jail
butcher's hook - look


cab rank - bank
Cain and Abel - table
camel's hump - dump
Canary Wharf - dwarf
candle wax - tax
Cape of Good Hope - soap
captain Kirk - work
carpet - three
cat and mouse - house
cattle trucked - fucked
Charlie Bucket- fuck it
Charlie Chester - child molester
cherry hogg - dog
cherry pie - lie
cherry ripe - pipe
Chevy Chase - face
chew the fat - chat
chitty chitty bang bang - Cockney Rhyming Slang
cinderella - Stella (beer)
cock sparrow - barrow
cock linnet - minute (time)
cockle and hen - tenner (10 pounds note)
custard and jelly - telly


dad's army - barmy
daisy roots - boots
Dame Edna Everidge - drink (beverage)
Danny Glover - lover
Davy Crocket - pocket
day's dawning - morning
deaf and dumb - bum
deep fat fryer- liar
deep sea diver - fiver
Derby Kelly - belly
Dick Van Dyke - bike
dickory dock- clock
dicky bird - word
dicky dirt - shirt
dig in the grave - shave
ding dong - song
ding dong bell - hell
dinner plate - mate
dodge and swerve - perv (pervert)
dog and bone - phone
dog's eye - meat pie
Donald Duck - luck
Donald Duck - fuck
donkey's ears - years
doris day - gay
duck and dive - hide
Duke of Kent - rent
Duke of York - fork


early doors - drawers (pair of)
easter bunny - funny
easy rider - cider
Eddie Grundies - undies (underwear)
egg yoke - joke
eggs and kippers - slippers
elephant's trunk- drunk
Elliot Ness - mess
Elsie Tanner - spanner
Errol Flynn - chin
eye lash - slash (urinate)


faith and hope - soap
false start - fart
Fanny Craddock - Haddock
farmer Giles - Piles (hemorrhoids)
farmer's daughter - quarter
filter tips - lips
fine and dandy - brandy
finger and thumb - rum
fireman's hose - nose
fish hook- book
fisherman's daughter - water
flowery dell - cell (prison)
fore and aft - daft
Frank Skinner - dinner
Frankie Vaughan - porn
Fred Astaire - chair
Fred Astaire - hair
friar Tuck - luck
frog and toad - road
fruit and nuts - guts

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