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Opowiadanie o pracy - Talking about Your Job z mp3

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I work in a big international company. I'm in the sales department and I'm responsible for sales in the Krakow area. In practice this means that I spend my typical day in one of two ways: either mostly on the phone or in the car travelling to present and future clients. I'm quite happy with the job, although the hours are long. Some people complain that when you're working on commission you don't earn much money and there's more stress. All I can say is that you shouldn't be a worrier if you are a salesperson and that if you're good at your job you'll never lack money! I have a company car, a mobile phone and a laptop computer and I also get quite a lot of gifts from my clients!


I am a lawyer in a small practice. There are 3 of us working for the 2 partners. I hope that the company grows, because then I may get a chance to be a partner. Partners get to share the profits and that's really big money! I realise that at the moment I'm spending 12 to 14 hours a day at the office and work most Saturdays and the occasional Sunday, but I think that's the only way to get more money and a better position in the company. I've got to be better than the rest. I don't think my wife really understands this, and we argue a lot, so I spend more time at the office and, you know, it's a vicious circle, but maybe that's the price you pay for success.


I work in a shop. I'm a student and I have lectures at the weekend. The shop where I work is not very busy most of the time so it allows me to read a lot and even do some real studying. Of course, I don't get much money, but it pays the bills and gives me the chance to learn about things that really interest me. Most clients are very nice and don't give you much hassle, but sometimes you get a real idiot who just wants to argue. What can you do? I just let him shout and then give him what he wants with a smile!


I'm a teacher. The good side is that you officially work Monday to Friday from 8:00 in the morning until 3:00 with some breaks. You get a long summer holiday as well as a good winter break. You generally get a lot of respect from people, although the pupils are getting more and more difficult to control. On the other hand, there are a lot of negatives; the pay is really bad, especially when you consider that this is a responsible job. Of course, you can take a few private lessons at home, but that really eats into your free time. There's also quite a lot of work to do at home - preparation of lessons and materials for the lessons as well as marking homework. I do it because I love the contact with the young people and I like to think I have a good influence on them.


a lot of negatives - dużo złych stron
to be responsible for - być odpowiedzialnym za
big international company -duża międzynarodowa firma
to eat into someone's free time - pochłaniać czyjś wolny czas
to get a lot of respect - cieszyć się dużym szacunkiem
good side - dobra strona
to have a good influence on -mieć dobry wpływ na
it allows me - to pozwala mi
it pays the bills -wystarcza na zapłacenie rachunków
lawyer - prawnik
lectures - wykłady
to mark homework -oceniać pracę domową
officially - oficjalnie
practice -praktyka
responsible job - odpowiedzialna praca
sales department -dział sprzedaży
salesperson - handlowiec
to share profits -mieć udział w zyskach
shop assistant - sprzedawca
vicious circle -błędne koło
to work on commission - pracować na prowizję

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