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Moje ostatnie wakacje - My Last Holiday z mp3

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- What did you guys get up to this summer?

- Well, I went to the lakes with my family for a couple of weeks. We rented a caravan. You know, one of those big caravans and camping sites. It was beautiful, the water was a little cold at the beginning, but we had such good weather that it soon heated up. My son learnt to swim, which was great, he still uses armbands but he's got the general idea. We had a few trips to local museums and a castle, which was fun. They say it's haunted and you can stay there overnight for 20 pounds a person to see if you can see a ghost. We didn't do it as it was too costly and my son wasn't too keen. Apart from that we went on a few walks and spent all our time on or near the water. There was quite a nice family in the caravan next to us so we had a few games of football and frisbee. They had 2 sons and our wives soon got chatting. I went fishing with Jon - that's the guy's name. Yes, it was really nice. What about the rest of you?

- I got a last minute deal and went to Cyprus. It's quite a good place for a holiday as they all speak English! And they use pounds, although they are a little bit different from ours and a little bit more expensive. We went to Aiya Napa, which is supposed to be like the new Ibiza as far as parties are concerned.

- They have the best DJs there, I heard.

- Yeah, it's true. It's a pretty crazy place. Here at home our day is from 7 in the morning to about 11 at night, but there, it's from midday to 3 or 4 in the morning! You spend the afternoon on the beach and then the evening at a restaurant, then go to a cocktail bar and then on to a night club. It's pretty wild, full of beautiful Scandinavian men and surprisingly there are quite a lot of Russians there, too. We had a great time, me and my husband love clubbing and lying on the beach, so it's perfect, and so hot. It was 35 in the shade every day. Super. And you mate? What did you do?

- Well, I was a bit short of cash, so I went off to France grape-picking. It's quite hard work but you get a couple of hours off in the middle of the day for sunbathing and there's parties every night. The vineyard owners always sell wine really cheap, so you can imagine what that was like. Great fun. The people were really nice too. There were people from all over Europe and I got quite friendly with the Czech guy. He actually invited me to Prague, where he lives. I'd never been there before. Wow, what a city!!! I really recommend it. A perfect place for a romantic long weekend. The architecture is simply incredible. Did you know that it's prince Charles's favourite city? And the beer - so cheap and absolutely wonderful. They say it's the best beer in the world. I had a great time with Vaclav, a really wonderful guy. He's hoping to come and visit for a few months in the winter. I'm going to try and get him a place at a language college. He's going to stay with me - you never know...

- No. You'll have to introduce him to us. You know we need to check if he's good enough for you!

- Yeah, right. No, I'm sure he'll come down to the pub sometime.

- Yeah, bring him down. Let him try some English ale. Anyway, I went to visit my uncle in Cornwall. Have you ever been down there? It's really picturesque, lots of cliffs and hidden bays and beaches. Many of the ports are built into the cliffs so the roads are really steep. The fish & chips are really tasty as the fish is always freshly caught that day. We went to Bude, where you can go surfing. The waves are incredible. They can be several metres high! When they crash on you it actually hurts and you get thrown under water, it can be quite dangerous! Amazing. We also went to Tintagel - it's supposed to be the legendary castle of Camelot, you know, King Arthur's castle where he had his round table. Really quite spectacular.

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