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Dlaczego ludzie słuchają muzyki? - Why do people listen to music?

Music's been known since prehistoric times. It is a part of our lives. Some of us can't even imagine spending a single day without listening to the radio. For me music is simply fun and a perfect way to express my emotions too.

I guess that pop is the most popular music genre nowadays. The melody and the beat are very simple and people like it. Most of the pop songs are focused on simple themes like love, friendship or having fun. Lyrics should not be too complicated. Therefore many people complain that in fact pop has nothing to do with real art. Moreover, pop music is, one can say, a bestseller. Some people may ask: 'Could pop music stay alive without mass market?'. Probably it couldn't. Pop is the most admired type of music at the moment and I guess it won't change in the nearest future. What is even more interesting, pop music has a huge influence on teenagers' behavior and lifestyle. Besides, pop is used in commercials pretty often.

There are some unconventional kinds of music like jazz or punk rock as well. Why these genres are not so popular? First of all, they are not meant to be popular. These kinds of music came from the underground and don't want to depend on market, even though many alternative bands achieved a lot and became commercially successful. The best example is 'Nirvana'.

Classical music is a whole different story. In my opinion this type of music is the calmest one. After a long, stressful day, there is nothing better than Mozart, Beethoven or Chopin. You can relax and forget about everything. Maybe that is why classical music is so popular among well-situated people. After all, they work hard and deal with a lot of pressure every day.

In the end I would like to mention that everyone has their own preferences. I am fond of rock music but when I am tired, I enjoy listening to jazz. Furthermore, I love to listen to pop hits at the parties. When I want to calm down, I put a compact disk with classical melodies into my CD player. Basically, everything depends on one's mood. Obviously teenagers would rather listen to r&b or pop but there still are young people who prefer to go to a jazz concert than to dance in a club. We have a right to have our own taste and it doesn't matter how old we are.


to express - to make something known, to talk about something
a genre - a type/kind of e.g. music
to be focused on (something, somebody) - to be concentrated on (something, somebody)
to have an influence on (something, somebody) - to affect (something, somebody)
a commercial - an advertisement
a underground - literally: a basement (podziemie), figuratively: a noncommercial organisation
to achive i.e. a goal - to succeed
a whole different story - a completely different thing
well-situated - rich
furthermore - what is more

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